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infinias 32 Door Intelli-M Access Server


Benchmarked for up to 32 door capacity: ideal for small to medium-sized businesses

  • Up to 32 door capacity
  • Comes pre-installed with infinias Intelli-M Access with unlimited door license
  • Automatic event archiving
  • System optimization to ensure strong, consistent long-term performance
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 1 1GB network port
  • Dual core processor CPU
  • 160 GB hard drive storage and 8GB flash drive backup storage
  • Quiet operation

infinias simplifies the process of installing a new access control solution for your business. This 32 Door Intelli-M Access Server is designed to support up to 32 doors and comes fully-configured and ready-to-go from the moment you open the box.

The server is very easy to install, features quiet operation, and comes pre-installed with infinias Intelli-M Access software with unlimited door license. To install the server, simply install the controllers, plug in the server and turn it on. The 32 Door Intelli-M Access Server has automatic discovery for the controllers, so when you log into Intelli-M Access, the door controllers will have already have been discovered on the network and will be ready for you to configure.

What’s Included:

  • Pre-installed infinias Intelli-M access software
  • Stand

IP-based access control is ideal for a wide variety of environments including:

  • Schools and College Campuses
  • Federal, State and Local Government Buildings
  • Large and Small Businesses
  • Retail Stores
  • Apartment Complexes and Multi-site Residences
  • Airports and Transportation Hubs
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels
  • And many more

Key Features:

Automatic Back Ups

The server is configured to automatically back up all key elements of the access control system on a regular basis.  The infinias 32 Door Intelli-M Access server puts backups on flash-based solid state drives, so that if the hard drive fails, everything needed is on a separate, resilient storage device.

The server ships with an image of the server made just prior to shipping and recovery is as simple as restoring the image, then restoring the backed up files.

Automatic Event Archiving

A process on the server monitors the size of the database and when the number of events in the database approaches a preset limit, then archives the oldest events out to a text file to ensure that the system does not run out of space for events.

System Optimization

A regularly scheduled process tells the SQL Server to check and optimize all tables and indexes, ensuring that performance stays strong over time.

Network Structure

The infinias 32 Door Intelli-M Access server has a single Ethernet port, and is designed to be on the corporate network along with the eIDC Intelli-M door controllers.

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